It's a good thing Liberty isn't writing this article because she'd be spewing out Frozen references all over the place, most of which we wouldn't even get. Luckily it's me writing, and I'll try to keep the Frozen-isms to a minimum.

KRISTOFF, here, is our Pet of the Week from It Takes a Village. He's still just a kid, only three months old. When ITV found KRISTOFF in Spencer County, he was very underweight. Thankfully they found a foster home for him and he is showing his appreciation. KRISTOFF loves to snuggle and will literally fall asleep in your arms. And KRISTOFF knows what he is too - he comes running whenever he hears “here kitty kitty!” ITV tells us that KRISTOFF is comfortable with kids, dogs, and adult cats.

To adopt Kristoff the kitten, please fill out an online adoption application.

It Takes a Village is full of animals right now and needs a bunch of foster homes - they have all sizes, ages, and breeds.

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And as always, if our pet of the week isn’t the right fit for your home, please visit It Takes a Village to see the other rescues that need to get fostered and adopted. And don't forget about ITV's RENT A DOG Program. A quick fill form and copy of your photo ID will allow you time out with one of ITV's vetted shelter dogs. These day dates are great for the rescues - it gets them some exercise and new information to help us get them adopted. It’s been a big hit- so don’t miss out!

All of the animals at ITV are examined by a veterinarian, given age-appropriate vaccinations, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and FIV/FeLV-tested.

ITV is open during regular hours. However, they have received so much support and interest over shut down, that they are still working diligently to review all correspondences. They appreciate everyone’s patience as they find the best matches for their rescues.

Why do cats have whiskers? Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? And answers to 47 other kitty questions:

Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? Why do they have whiskers? Cats, and their undeniably adorable babies known as kittens, are mysterious creatures. Their larger relatives, after all, are some of the most mystical and lethal animals on the planet. Many questions related to domestic felines, however, have perfectly logical answers. Here’s a look at some of the most common questions related to kittens and cats, and the answers cat lovers are looking for.

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Because the regulation of exotic animals is left to states, some organizations, including The Humane Society of the United States, advocate for federal, standardized legislation that would ban owning large cats, bears, primates, and large poisonous snakes as pets.

Read on to see which pets are banned in your home state, as well as across the nation.

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