There are several events and experiences that should definitely be on everyone's Evansville bucket list - things like "go to an Otters game at Bosse Field," or "take a tour of the LST 325." Maybe even something like "blow $100 at the casino," or "act like a big kid at the Children's Museum of Evansville." You get the idea. One absolute essential for that bucket list is "visit the downtown Market on Main."

A couple of years ago, the annual farmer's market moved down to the Main Street walkway, hence the name Market on Main, right in front of the Ford Center, from 6th Street down to MLK. The market takes over that entire block every Wednesday throughout the summer, and when the weather's just right, there is nothing better - the sites, the sounds, and the smells. There's usually a nice breeze blowing, and there is always a great collection of vendors on hand. The Market on Main is where you'll find some of the best food trucks in the area, and there's always some live entertainment too. There seems to be something for every taste.

The organizers of the Market on Main recently announced the opening day for the 2021 season - the first day will be Wednesday, June 2nd, and will continue every Wednesday (from 9am-1:30pm) until September 15th.

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At this point, the market is still looking for more local vendors. In fact, the Market on Main "relies 100% on sponsors at all levels to support operations and programs during our 16 week season."

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