If you were hoping to grab a KFC Yule Log for that perfect person on your gift list that just loves KFC chicken, well, they're all gone. 

Last Thursday, December 13th KFC announced they were selling Yule Logs scented with their popular 11 herbs and spices chicken.  Within hours, KFC announced they had SOLD OUT of the chicken scented Yule Logs.  They apologized to everyone who didn't get to purchase one and also congratulated those who did!  KFC left this statement to those who were lucky enough to pluck a yule log:

Enjoy the best smelling fire you've ever smelled in your life!


If another restaurant offered a yule log scented with, let's say, their famous hamburgers or fries or pizza would you buy one for your home?  Or,  let's keep it local, how about a Fall Festival yule log? Or a local restaurant?  Hmmm. Someone needs to invent one!

And, by the way, did anyone here from the Tri-State purchase a KFC yule log?

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