Nick Jonas was the latest victim, er, participant on BBC 1 Radio's Heart Rate Monitor segment on Wednesday (January 17). For those who are unaware of this little game, the celebrity lays in a hospital bed, hooked up to a heart rate monitor, while a "doctor" and special guests bring up super awkward stuff from the person's past to see what will make their heart rate rise.

For the Jonas brother, two topics of uncomfortable conversation were his relationships with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. In the clip, he's forced to watch former Hannah Montana's "7 Things"  video — a song that was supposedly written about Nick — and gets a special video message from Gomez, where she wants him to think about their "first time" in Central Park.

Though recalling both of those past relationships clearly made Jonas nervous, nothing made his heart rate peak quite like his Jumanji costar Jack Black turning up as a special guest and telling him he just received a text from Game of Thrones' Emelia Clarke asking if Nick wants to "Ride the dragon."

Why anyone would ever agree to appear on this segment, we may never know, but in the meantime watch Nick Jonas' hilarious contribution below.

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