I really don’t understand the world nowadays.  This weekend I was informed of a new trend on the tic tac that people are apparently going nuts over.  So much so that I had to witness a friend partake in the madness.  For some unknown, reason people are putting yellow mustard on watermelon and it is now the new summer trend.

It seems like only yesterday that the internet gave us the Tide Pod challenge.  Luckily, people have grown a little bit wiser and instead of putting cleaning chemicals in their bodies, they are sticking with real food.  Even though the food is two things that I never would have thought would taste good as a duo.  However, in many of the videos that I have seen and my friend’s personal opinion, mustard on watermelon tastes pretty darn good.

@yayayayummy🍉 + 💛 SOOO GOOD!! #watermelon #mustard #hotfoodtake♬ original sound - yayayayummy

I guess the peppery taste of mustard goes well with the sweetness of the watermelon.  I was almost convinced to give it a shot but I just couldn’t.  Mainly because I am not a fan of mustard in the first place and I think watermelon needs no additives whatsoever to be delicious.  I also think that the texture thing is kind of gross.  I have a thing with sauces and being watery.  It kind of grosses me out.

Anyway, if you think you are brave enough to give this odd combination a shot, be my guest.  I will be enjoying my watermelon untainted and the mustard can stay in the fridge.

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