Farm Boy Food Mart - Serving Evansville Since 1994

You might have heard about Farm Boy in Evansville, Indiana closing. But that does not include Farm Boy Mart. It is still located on North Kentucky Ave and is open to the public. It's basically a neighborhood grocery store that features fresh and frozen foods and spotlights Indiana products. 2761 North Kentucky Ave Evansville, IN 47711

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Google Maps Farm Boy Mart
Google Maps Farm Boy Mart Evansville

Farm Boy For Sale 

The Farm Boy production facility is for sale. It is located on North Kentucky Avenue, next to the Farm Boy Food Mart.

Joining Forces

In late 2022, Farm Boy Food Service merged with another family-owned company in Owensboro, Kentucky. CRS OneSource is a local and family-owned food service business that now operates Farm Boy Food Service.

Our two companies have operated in the same geographically region for over 70 years with ironically little overlap in customers. And this is due to our respective equal but different advantages in the market. Our goal is to create one company to even better serve our great customers. Combining our resources will drive out costs and inefficiencies to benefit our customers in a multitude of ways.

Mark Bonenberger is the President of Farm Boy Food Service and he says that the merger was initiated to service their customers even better. Both owners agree that this will help cut some costs for restaurant owners.

Alan Clark & Mark Bonenberger

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