After a couple of minutes into the hayride, the misty rain had stopped, the air was cold and damp, and there was a little fog developing along the Ohio riverfront.  Come take a look at what you can expect on the newly added Hayride Tour as part of the 25th anniversary of the Historic Newburgh Ghost Walks.  

Meet Stefanie our tour guide as she takes us through parts of downtown Newburgh.  It was educational, interesting, and a little spooky when we walked across an historic bridge in the dark, dampness of the night. Watch!  [Video]

There are also 2 other tours you can take including the State Street Tour and the Water Street Tour.  Visit Historic Newburgh Inc.’s website for more information.  The Ghost Walks continue Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st. To get tickets for this weekend’s Historic Newburgh Ghost Walks, click HERE.

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