Sorry, probably got a little excited there.  Anyway, yes, sloths are coming to the Louisville Zoo! The Zoo is currently finishing construction on the new sloth exhibit that will be a part of the zoo’s reopening.

Just wait there’s more.  There is also a plan for the zoo to launch a special “behind-the-scenes” sloth experience.  Yes, that means you will get to meet not one but two Linneaus’s two-toed sloths Sunni and Sebastian.  I told you it got better.  You can see more information on this experience on the Louisville Zoo's website.

If you just can’t wait for the Louisville Zoo to reopen there are still ways to interact with the sloths.  They have their own Twitter page!  It is just as fun as it sounds and will keep you up to date on everything Sunni and Sebastian.

See, now you really do have something to look forward to!

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