I grew up in a home where we did not nap - EVER! So naturally, I blame my mom and dad for my lack of napping. They are also responsible for my irrational thoughts about nappers!

If there were spare moments to be had my parents filled them -- working in the yard, doing chores, or we were going somewhere. I don't remember my parents ever sitting down on the weekend until after dinner.

So when I became an adult and had my own place, I found myself in the same boat -- weekends spent cleaning and gardening and whatever else I could think of. I love being active and going, going, going. I feel proud when I think back to everything I accomplished, even with four kids running around!

I couldn't possibly nap when there is so much to do, when the sun is shining and when I could be playing outside with my kids or cleaning out a closet. It isn't something I'd even consider.

The thought of napping even gives me anxiety. If I were to lay down for just a second my mind would start racing with all of the things I could be doing instead. So I'm not going to sleep anyway. Why bother?


If I do take a nap - I go down hard!

SO - WHY do I think it's weak and lazy when people nap? BECAUSE I RESENT THEM!

Hmmm... what is my part in this? Well, there is a piece of me that wants to not have the drive and energy to go all day. I want to be the person who can shut down and rest.

This is obviously a "me problem." OK, OK, go back to your nap in peace.

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