ELVIS has actually NOT left the building! Our Pet of the Week, sponsored by Evansville Pet Sitters, is waiting to get adopted from It Takes a Village.

ELVIS is a sweet, 5-year-old beagle who came to ITV from Animal Control. ELVIS is singing the blues because he's getting over a bad case of fleas. Don't worry, he got that taken care of. But the problem is that ELVIS is allergic to flea bites, so he's been scratching and chewing on his bites, even drawing blood. His back needs to heal up a bit, but other than that, ELVIS is good to go baby!

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Please stop by It Takes a Village on Stockwell Road and meet ELVIS, or any of the other dogs there. Remember, fostering is FREE with It Takes a Village. They provide you with everything you'll need. All you have to provide is lots of love!

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