We all have that one band that we can relate to. They have a song for every mood you're in. Lyrics that you can relate to and make you feel something. That one album you can put on and the stress of life disappears. For me, that band is Matchbox Twenty. I remember buying their first album, Yourself Or Someone Like You on cassette at Kmart! Yes, I've been a fan that long - 21 Years! I upgraded to a CD, of course, and now I have every MB20 song in my digital collection.

When Rob Thomas put out his first solo project in 2005, I was hesitant to like it. Why was he breaking up MY band so he could do his own music? I could really hear the difference in the music and the lyrics. And, of course, I found room in my music heart to love them both. I've had the opportunity to see Rob Thomas in concert two times, and even though I'm in radio, I've never been able to meet him. I kind of joke that #OperationMeetRobThomas is my life goal LOL! One time, I waited in the alley, by the dumpsters at the Ryman before and after his show, in hopes of getting a high five at the very least. My apologies to my husband, Doug, who waited with me. He will never go to a concert with me again! Here's the pic I took:

Clearly, Rob is on the left. This is HIS arm.  (photo: Liberty)

Now, #OperationMeetRobThomas is also #MeetMB20, because I do love the entire band. Each one of their personalities together really makes their sound stand apart from their outside projects. Kyle Cook has a duo, Rivers and Rust. They are actually opening the current tour. The super awesome part, they actually do an open Meet & Greet after their set!! What?? That is how I was able to meet one of my band heros!

OMG, I'm dying. I'm DYING. (photo: Liberty)

I've met a lot of singers, but this was different. Getting to meet someone who has contributed to much to MB20 pretty much left me speechless!!

KYLE... I'm happy to be your support. All day, every day. (Liberty)

Well, next week I'll have a chance to try and meet Rob in Nashville. This time, it will not be at the Ryman, so maybe I won't make Doug wait by the dumpsters with me. I mean, if I have to, I will. The show is nearly sold out, but there are around 14 tickets left, if you'd like to make the road trip!

Rob Thomas: Chip Tooth Tour

VenueSchermerhorn Symphony Center Nashville, TN


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