The crew from My 105.3 WJLT - Bobby and Stacey (My Morning Show), Deb Turner (My Afternoon Show) and Jason (My Night Show) got together for a road trip and had lunch at the new Fetta Specialty Pizza and Spirits along Owensboro's Riverfront.  

My 105.3 WJLT crew at Fetta Specialty Pizza and Spirits in Owensboro, KY

(pictured above:  Jason, Stacey, Natalie from Fetta's, Bobby, and Deb)

You can buy slices or the whole pie at Fetta's.  My slice was the BEST.  haha.  I had the Ricotta, Basil, and Herbs slice with extra tomato sauce - yummy!  Stacey had the Mashed Potato, Bacon, and Scallion slice; Bobby went with the Hawaiian - pineapple, ham, bacon, mozzarella; and Jason had the Meat Special - genoa salami, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, bacon, Asiago cheese, Grande cheese, Kalamata olives.  I also had a Greek salad and we all shared their mouth-watering garlic bread knots served with marina sauce and a cheese sauce.  Soooooo Gooooood!

(Deb's) My Slice from Fetta Specialty Pizza & Spirits, Owensboro, KY

We'd like to thank Natalie our super awesome server for her great service and to Mike Baker, owner of Fetta who came out to meet us in the dining area as we were chowing down our delicious pizza!  The Owensboro Riverfront could be seen from our table inside the restaurant which makes for a beautiful view.  Fetta's also has outdoor seating available.

You really need to try this place.  It was my first time there (and won't be my last).  Same with Bobby and Stacey- their first time, too!  Jason had been there before and so glad he suggested for us to go to Fetta's!

Visit:  Fetta Specialty Pizza and Spirits, 118 St. Ann St. Owensboro, KY