Normally we'd be gearing up for the annual Fall Festival, but unfortunately 2020 had different plans. Out of an abundance of caution the West Side Nut Club made the tough decision to call it on this year's Fall Festival.  While I understand why they made the decision,  I'm still a bit bummed I won't get to have some of my favorite annual treats.

The good news is many of the non profits who serve up delicious food at Fall Fest will be setting up booths and selling some of their food around the Tri-State in the coming weeks. One of my favorite items at Fall Fest is the infamous Donut Bank Burger. Okay, so I know it sounds gross, who would have ever thought to use a glazed donut as a bun?  I don't know who invented it, but I want to shake their hand, because if you've never had one of these weird combinations, you're missing out.  Grace and Peace Lutheran Church in Evansville serves up Donut Bank Burgers each year, and this year is no different.

This weekend you can catch them out today (9/25) and tomorrow (9/26) from 11A-6P they will be selling the famous Donut Bank Burgers at church for $6. Drive thru and walk up service is available. According to the Facebook event page, they'll also be serving Donut Bank Burgers on October 9th & 10th.

Missing the Fall Festival food?
Stop by and get our famous Donut Bank donut burger!!
Donut Bank Burger $6.00
Walk-up and drive through service.
Don't believe me that these burgers are delicious?  A few years ago I got to try one, check out the video of my reaction  below.
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