We are both huge fans of Michael Rosenbaum, so when we heard his new band, Left on Laurel, was dropping a legit album, we had to get him on the phone! We had a great chat about why he decided to get into music, his 2 podcasts, and whether or not he will ever move back to Newburgh (Or at least get a vacation home here). Here is the full interview with Rosey:

Left on Laurel Photo: FB Michael Rosenbaum
Left on Laurel Photo: FB Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rob Danson (lead guitar, back up vocals), Tom Lally (backup guitar, backup vocals), Kent Irwin (drums, back up vocals), Carl McDowell (bass)

We were born in a basement playing covers. Just a few fellows hanging out and having a good time. Now we are playing our own original songs and having a good time.... and going on tour to Germany. Life baby!

Listen to our radio interview, complete with the full single, 'Let's Go for a Ride':

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