Get your dancin' shoes on and grab a partner for this Saturday's Valentine's Day dance with the Metro Ballroom Dance Club!  

Here's your chance to learn how to do the Night Club Two Step with dancers Kris and Heather Warner!  It's not a difficult dance to learn, either... just ask my husband!  We both learned this dance several years ago!

All of the instructors have been highly trained to teach ballroom and invite anyone who wants to learn and have a great time!   They are there to help and assist you with no pressure to get it perfect!

Getty images
Getty images

The lesson will begin at 7 pm - 7:30 pm followed by open dancing from 7:30 pm - 10:30pm.

Metro Ballroom Valentine's Dance

The Coliseum, 300 Court Street, downtown Evansville.

Admission:  $15 - singles   $25 - per couple

For more information, visit the Metro Ballroom Dance Club on Facebook or visit their website.

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