Valentine's Day is almost here, and for the third year in a row, V-Day for MY105.3 means another Big Fat 80's Wedding. Sure, this is a radio contest/promotion, but it is 100% legit. We ask asked couples to register with us, telling us their love story and why they want to get married - and then we take the winning couple and literally marry them live on the radio. It's really one of the neatest things I get to do, and have done in nearly 25 years on the radio.

We were so excited to team with the Diamond Galleria for this year's Big Fat 80's Wedding, but our lucky couple is even more excited - that's because they received a $1,250 shopping spree at the Diamond Galleria.

The 2021 Big Fat 80's Wedding will take place this Friday, February 12th, live on MY105.3 and on our Facebook page. Our winning couple, and a handful of guests will join us at City View at Sterling Square, who graciously donated one of their beautiful event spaces. Once again, this year, Event Montage will provide the most totally awesome and radical decorations. And yours truly (that's me) will officiate the ceremony.

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This year's winning couple is Scott and Andrea. In a rare twist, Scott is actually the one who submitted an entry for the contest. It has almost always been the bride-to-be to register in the past. I think that's an awesome move on Scott's part. Take a minute to read the story that Scott submitted to us.

Andrea and I met when I was 12 and she was 8. I was riding a blue 10-speed and listening to REO SPEEDWAGON on my walkman and she was playing at the playground across from her babysitter. She has always been smitten with me. I always chased the cheerleaders and she always chased me. When I was around 26, we started being more than just friends. At 27 we had our first child together. Since then we have had 3 more beautiful children together. I always said that I wanted us to be married by the time the kids were in school. We have been engaged like 7- 8 years. I failed, money was either too tight or time flies. MY105.3 I am ready to marry my best friend. I want to be one of the elderly couples celebrating 30 years in the newspaper. Thank you guys for the chance.

How cool is that? We are so excited to bring their 8-year engagement to an end!

Scott, Andrea and their happy family
Scott, Andrea and their happy family

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