Remember back to simpler times when all we wanted to argue about was if Popeye’s Chicken sandwich was better than Chi-Fil-a’s?  Ahhh.  I miss that.  Well, since then it seems like every other fast-food place has decided to get in on the “War of the Chicken Sandwich”.  All except one.  Until now.

As I said, after the huge blow-up that was the Popeye’s chicken sandwich, restaurants could not wait to tell you how good their chicken sandwich was.  Most of these (I’m looking at you Wendy’s) fell on deaf ears.  There was one major fast-food chain, however, that decided to stay out of the fight.  That, of course, was the one and only, McDonald’s.

Stating on February 24th you will be able to get not one, not two, but three different versions of their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Those being crispy, spicy, or deluxe.  Now, this new chicken sandwich is not to be confused with the classic McChicken.  That is still its very own thing.  The new chicken sandwich is quote,

“A brand new crispy, juicy, tender fillet made with all-white meat chicken that’s sure to capture the hearts and tastebuds of chicken enthusiasts across America."

Talk about bringing out the big guns, McDonald's….

It is really amazing how over-the-top we can get about the simplest things.  Am I right?  I mean we are talking about a chicken sandwich after all.  Anyway, yes, Mcdonald's is finally throwing their hat in the ring for the title of best chicken sandwich.  Will it live up to the hype?  Probably.

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