McDonald's just announced the release of a very special limited-edition letterman jacket, and the inspiration for it is kind of mind-blowing. The jacket sports a simple, but powerful logo that reminds us of the huge impact McDonald's has made on the world.

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McDonald's is celebrating the fact that, despite all of our differences, there is one thing that 1 in 8 Americans do have in common - and that is working at a McDonald's restaurant. That's a pretty remarkable statistic, isn't it? Astronauts, teachers, professional athletes, authors, actors, executives, small business owners, and just about every profession in between includes folks who, at some point along the way, have worked for the Golden Arches.

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Why the "1 in 8" Jacket?

The "1 in 8" jacket was designed by a McDonald’s alum named Kendall Hurns, who is now the founder of the lifestyle brand Robotic Minds Concept. The jackets are being sold to not only celebrate all of the former McDonald's employees but to also create funding that will help current crew members achieve their aspirations through once-in-a-lifetime experiences and opportunities. Jackets will be available to purchase starting on Monday, October 16 at

The "1 in 8" Initiative

The 1 in 8 initiative shines a spotlight on the spectacular people that make up the Golden Arches. Local members of the 1 in 8 are invited to share their stories at and stay up to date on future 1 in 8 opportunities. Members of the 1 in 8 will have access to unique programming, like opportunities to attend exclusive events, mentorships with notable alums who’ve gone on to make an impact in their respective fields, reunions with former team members, and more.

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