Evansville's mask mandate began on Wednesday July 15th, and has been extended since then.  Now that order has been rescinded to stay consistent with Governor Holcomb's executive order.

Governor Holcomb held a press conference announcing a state wide mask mandate that went into effect on Monday July 27th.  Hoosiers are required to wear a face covering when in public.  The order says that masks are required for anyone 8 and older while inside of public indoor spaces except when eating, drinking, or performing strenuous activities.

Even though the Evansville executive order on masks has been rescinded, Mayor Winnecke states that the message remains the same, wear your masks.

We're rescinding the citywide mask order to stay consistent with Governor Eric Holcomb's order.

Our message, however, remains the same: wear a mask, engage in proper social distancing, practice good hygiene.

Evansville Executive Order No. 2020-3: https://bit.ly/3g3yMnW
Indiana Executive Order 20-37: https://bit.ly/39xvfvD


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