It was a long and horrific night for residents in Mayfield, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas as a devasting tornado ripped through their town leaving behind a path of unimaginable destruction. It wasn't until the sun began to rise Saturday morning that they could truly see the incredible power nature can have when it's at its most violent.


Two of those residents are Kim and David Gann (pictured below). The couple lives about three miles outside of Mayfield and hopped in their car Saturday morning to survey the damage left behind. We asked Kim to share her experience with us. This is what she said in an exchange of messages on Facebook:

It didn't get real bad at my house but we were taking cover in the bathroom. My hometown took a direct hit. So much destruction and many fatalities. I drove to town this morning g and it looks like a war zone. The town is gone. Devastation everywhere. I have cried and prayed and cried some more. It is like nothing I have ever seen. I thank God my family and I were spared. Please pray for those who lost loved ones and pray for my hometown
Kim and David Gann
Kim and David Gann
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As you'll see in Kim's photos below, the tornado meteorologists say ran for 200 miles across four states, left the town of Mayfield looking like a scene from a disaster movie. Some homes are completely destroyed, while those that weren't suffered so much damage, they'll likely need to be completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. Massive trees were ripped from the ground as if they weighed as much as a feather, and utility poles were bent, broken, and snapped in half like toothpicks.

Relief efforts have already begun for residents. Information on those and how you can help are listed below the photos.

55 Heartbreaking Photos of Mayfield, KY Tornado's Aftermath

From homes and businesses being completely demolished to trees being uprooted and electrical poles being snapped in half like they were toothpicks, these photos paint a vivid picture of how destructive nature can be at its most violent.

Gallery Credit: Ryan O'Bryan / Leslie Morgan

How to Assist the Victims of the Deadly Dec 10 Tornadoes

Remember to ONLY give to reputable organizations. Scammers prey on these types of situations. We'll be here to provide you with as many legitimate ways to help as we can. If you are with an organization that is heading up a volunteer or supply drive, please contact me here. 

The American Red Cross

Please consider donating blood and financial support to the American Red Cross of Western KY which covers Ballard, Caldwell, Calloway, Carlisle, Christian, Crittenden, Daviess, Fulton, Graves, Hancock, Hardin (IL), Hickman, Hopkins, Johnson (IL), Livingston, Lyon, Marshall, Massac (IL), McCracken, McLean, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Pope (IL), Pulaski (IL) and Trigg counties.

Henderson Police Dept

The Henderson Police Dept is collecting donations at the Henderson Armory, located at 735 N Elm St in Henderson KY on Saturday until 8 PM and on Sunday from 8 AM - 8 PM.

Supplies Needed:

    • Water
    • Gatorade
    • Non-Perishable Food Items
    • Hygiene Products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Paper products such as Toilet Paper and Paper Towels
    • Trash Bags
    • Gloves (latex and work gloves)
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Baby supplies
    • Pet supplies
    • Flashlights
    • Batteries
    • Candles & matches/lighters
    • Rain ponchos
    • Blankets
    • First-aid kits
    • Plastic totes and lids
    • Rakes
    • Shoves
    • Brooms
    • Duct Tape

Texas Roadhouse Evansville

Take supplies to Texas Roadhouse today, Saturday, Dec 11th.
Due to last night’s deadly storms in Mayfield, KY Texas Roadhouse in Evansville is doing a 1 day supply drive to help those in immediate need. If you would like to contribute we will have a U-Haul parked in front of the restaurant to accept the following items:
-Non-perishable food
-Flashlights and batteries
-First aid supplies
-Blankets and pillows.
We will be dropping them off tomorrow morning to relief groups in Mayfield.
Thank you for your support and for giving back to those affected by last night’s storms.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is responding with relief supplies, including tarps, food, water, cleanup supplies, and other necessities. We will continue to post updates here. Join us in our response by donating here.

River of Life Church

Mayfield needs gasoline & water! We will have a trailer set out tomorrow.
If you can, please bring a gas can full of gas or diesel and cases of water! Winter clothing is accepted as well.
Between the hours of 8:30 AM & 12:30 PM!
We will be taking this to them tomorrow afternoon!
If you have a truck and would like to help transport gasoline, please message us!!!!
To donate money:

Santa's Lookout in Scottsville, KY

Santa's Lookout will be donating $5 from each ticket sold tonight to the American Red Cross.

Joyce Meyer Hand of Hope in Partnership with Relevant Church of Paducah KY

Last night, our community was forever changed. Our hearts are heavy and are with the city of Mayfield. As we work to set up relief efforts, coming together to offer help and hope for this community, we want to offer our fellow ARC churches, local churches, and anyone who would like a way to extend help. If you would like to give to aid in these efforts, you can give here -or- you can text amount to 84321 with the word ‘Mayfield’. 100% percent of the funds will be used in these efforts.

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