I'm just gonna come right out and say it - my butt is more talented than yours, and I have proof. Allow me to explain, and then you can disagree if you want. Even if you don't agree, you'll have to admit that what my butt did was pretty impressive. The following series of events took place on Saturday night while Liberty and I were hanging out at Mesker Park Zoo's Zoo Brew event.

How a Butt Loses Phone Privileges

First, you need to know that I do NOT lock my phone. It just takes a little swipe to open it up - keep that in mind - and I keep it in my back pocket.

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We had been at the zoo for a little while, walking around, talking to folks, and giving away some goodies. At one point, I took my phone out just to see what time it was - that's when I noticed that somehow my butt had opened the Bob's Gym app on my phone. My butt then proceeded to tap on "Request Trainer" and fill out the comments section. Here are the comments my butt left.


I showed Liberty and we both had a good chuckle. As far as I knew, I hadn't actually submitted it, so I didn't think anything of it. A little later on, I checked my phone again and decided to open my email. That's when I realized that I (my butt) had submitted a trainer request. I had not one, not two, not five, not ten, but 11 emails from Bob's Gym, thanking me for my request(s). Each request contained comments similar to the one pictured above. My next visit to the gym should be interesting.

Bobs Gym emails

Later on, when our evening was done and Liberty and I were heading our separate ways, she let me know about some other shenanigans that my butt had been up to. My booty apparently felt like talking to our buddy Matt Eckert, the President of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. Not only did my behind type some random letters, but it also threw in a couple of random emojis. I'm not sure it was trying to tell Matt. Luckily he had a good sense of humor about it.

attachment-Butt message for Matt

Keep in mind that all of this was taking place in the back pocket of my shorts. I still can't figure out how it all happened. So you've heard my story and you've seen the evidence. Will you agree that I have a pretty talented butt?

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