One man has come up with a million-dollar idea and he needs to copyright it right away.

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I love sitting on my deck and just looking at all the different birds that fly around the neighborhood, but one guy has taken bird watching to the next level. He has created a way for you to get up close and personal with all sorts of birds with just a paper plate, goggles, and birdseed, and it works like a charm.

The pure Joy on this man’s face!

I wonder if this would work for hummingbirds? Now that would be amazing. There are a few things about this video. One, this guy is creative and I gave home credit for thinking of this. Two, I think he might have some time on his hands, and three I need to step it up and create something and go viral with it. this could be a good craft day project with the kids one weekend.

If you do try this I want to see what you came up with and if it worked. I would love to see pictures too. You might have to wait until the spring as I am sure most birds are south for the winter. I really hope someone tries this.

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