The city of Evansville seems to be growing with new businesses every week. Most of the developments are on the East Side, in the Burkhardt Road area. Green River Road has some new projects in the works, and a familiar business will soon occupy a new space.

google maps 2007 Liberty 2022
google maps 2007
Liberty 2022

Exciting Plans

We've heard about so many new businesses that will be opening by the end of 2022 in Evansville.

  • Bruster's Real Ice Cream
  • Finish Line Car Wash
  • The Peach Cobbler Factory
  • Lawman Tactical Guntry Club
  • Dollar Tree
  • The Hills Church

More Shopping, Dining, and Jobs

In the past year and a half, we've seen a lot of new spots open, providing some great opportunities.

  • Marshalls
  • Bubba's 33
  • Crumbl Cookies
  • Jersey Mike's
  • The Good Feet Store
  • Plank Nutrition Bar
  • The Thrift Store By Evansville Rescue Mission
  • Mission Grounds Coffee
  • Speedway Gas Station
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Locally-Owned Business Expanding

If you've lived in the Evansville area for very long, you have probably seen a Frontier Liquors location. If you listen to the radio, you can probably hear the familiar 'Frontier Liquors that is' voice.

Frontier Liquors has been around for the past 72 years. That is an amazingly long time for a family-owned business to be successful. The folks at Frontier will soon have a 7th location.

d. dewig
d. dewig

Green River Commons

I was driving down North Green River Road last week, and some new bright orange signage caught my eye. It still has a lot of work to be done on the inside. We don't have an opening date, but the signage went up pretty quickly, so I'm guessing that it will be soon.

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