While the coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of businesses to postpone and even cancel a lot of events, there are two things that are still certain, death and taxes. So in order to help eased the burden placed on families who want to lay their loved ones to rest during this time of social separation, a local funeral home is offering an innovative solution.

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Sunset Funeral home is giving families the option of having a 'virtual funeral' where multiple computers and web cams are used to stream the ceremony live and allow non-essential personnel to log in, watch, and even speak during the services in real-time.

In an interview with WEHT, Sunset General Manager Amy Walton said “We’ve seen an amazing response because there’s so many people that want to attend and can’t for various reasons so people love it ... We can even record it and send them an email link that they can have this as a treasured memory for years to come.”

Walton said that Sunset came up with the idea a few months ago, but the coronavirus outbreak has let to an increase in demand for the service.

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