Two bricks have been moved, we assume by the raccoons. I saw one of them raccoons strutting through my front yard last night. Chase recorded some audio of them in our attic, in the middle of the night. A new trap has been set...HELP!


We purchased a live trap, and set it up in the attic. The first round of snacks (Bread & marshmallows) disappeared, but did not rap her! We've had the trap in place for 3 weeks, and last night, it caught her...But what in the world do we do with her now??

"Once a raccoon house, always a raccoon house". That's what the expert told us a few years ago, after he removed a raccoon from our attic. He said that once a raccoon has made a nest somewhere, they will always find a way to get back in. Ok, sure dude...I'm just going to give my house to the raccoons LOL! 3 years later, I'm about to just let them have it! Bandita is back, and she has birthed what sounds like, several tiny raccoons. They live above our bedrooms, and like to make their chattering noises all night. We honestly cannot figure out how she keeps getting back in. The one spot, that our roof guy said was the only way in, was blocked by a brick. She moved the brick! And, we think there may be a different way in on the backside of our house. This is her on our roof last night.

Liberty's raccoon, Bandita

All of the live traps are sold out, and honestly, we don't know what to do if we do catch them. I need Jack Hannah or a realtor!