I think that I've read somewhere that your closet is a reflection of what your life is really like. Or, maybe I'm just making that up. Either way, my closet is, without a doubt, the definition of a hot mess.

The clothes that are on hangers, were hung by Doug. He actually handles the laundry duties. Thankfully, because clearly I can't deal with clothes. These pictures don't even show you all of the mess. I have a collection of shoes, bags, and half empty purses shoved on the floor of the left side. While I'm confessing my inner slob side, I should tell you that I have taken part of Doug's closet, and filled it with junk. I'm not even sure what all I have stashed in there. I know that when i traded my car in, I emptied the glove compartment, and all of that random stuff is in a bag. There are used, but nice enough to re-use, gift bags. Usually, if I can't find something, there's a good chance that I've thrown it in there.

Liberty's Closet 2

I finally decided to Marie Kondo this mess, and I have a pile of stuff that no longer brings me joy.

Liberty Clothes Pile

I think that I've a little progress.

Liberty Clothes After