In 2017, my husband, Doug, had two procedures to remove skin cancer. Pretty scary stuff! During a routine checkup, I pointed out a suspicious spot on my shoulder. We decided to go ahead and have it biopsied, to see if it needs further treatment. I'll admit, this was a little more involved than I thought it was going to be...And I didn't have the chance to Google it, beforehand.

I'll find out more in 3 to 5 days. Thanks to Katie Keller, NP-C at Primary Care Plus + for letting me film the procedure.

Punch biopsy

For a punch biopsy, the doctor uses a tool that looks like a tiny round cookie cutter to remove a deeper sample of skin. The doctor rotates the punch biopsy tool on the skin until it cuts through all the layers of the skin. The sample is removed and the edges of the biopsy site are often stitched together.


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