You probably remember him from his many years and many memorable characters on Saturday Night Light. You might remember him as the villain from the Chuck Norris flick Sidekicks. If you're like me, you remember him from the classic 1984 comedy Johnny Dangerously.

Regardless of how you remember him, Joe Piscopo is a legend who has been entertaining folks for nearly 40 years. You may not know that Piscopo is a radio guy too. These days you can hear him every morning on the Joe Piscopo Morning Show out of New York.

Joe was recently in town to help raise money at the annual Mattingly Charities event. The next day he used one of our studios to do his show remotely from Evansville. And before he hopped on a plane, he was gracious enough to spend some time with me and Liberty. It was so cool! I could listen to him talk for hours!

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