cMoe will be hosting their 5th Annual Kids Flea Market from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday where kids sell their outgrown toys, books, CDs, games and handmade craft items.

I love this so much! It's hard for a kiddo to go through their toys with the idea of not playing with them again. However, they get to enjoy the reward of their hard work and sacrifice with money! YAY money!

More importantly, they learn work ethic and how rewarding it is to earn money and the freedom to choose what to do with it.

Connor is making parachord fidget spinners for his booth at Kids Flea Market!

cMoe will also be hosting a Kid-sized Career Fair! cMoe’s Career Fair is an opportunity for kids to envision all sorts of career possibilities for themselves. cMoe invites kids to test drive their futures on June 17th from 10a-2p. Visitors will explore career possibilities with special guests from a variety of careers and experiment with interests and skills. We will have several local professionals from careers in science, business, sports, the arts and more in attendance to spark an interest in job possibilities, share their personal experiences and lead hands-on activities.

Children's booth rentals are $15 per table (2 table maximum).
Also, cMoe is accepting adult vendors to come out and sell their local made products. Products must be locally made and for children. The adult booth rental fee is $25.
Email Director of Marketing and Outreach, Ashley McReynolds at with any questions.

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