Dollar General has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in rural Kentucky.

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Google Maps/Canva

Dollar General

Over the past few decades, Dollar Generals seem to have popped up everywhere.  According to statistics website Statista, as of February 2023 there are 19,146 Dollar Generals in 47 different states.  That's a whole lot of yellow signs!  Texas leads with the most Dollar Generals as they have 1,802 stores.  As for the Tri-State Illinois is home to 659 stores, Indiana is home to 669 stores, and Kentucky leads the Tri-State with 702 Dollar General stores.

The Birthplace of Dollar General

Did you know the birthplace of Dollar General is in the Bluegrass State?  You learn something new every day.  It turns out the birthplace of Dollar General is in Scottsville,  Kentucky.  The first Dollar General started as a concept by J.L. Turner and Cal Turner Sr.  In 1939 the two invested and began Turner and Son Wholesale which eventually became Dollar General.

Below is a side view of the building pictured above.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to WBKO Scottsville, Kentucky has officially been dubbed the birthplace of Dollar General.

The store originated as “Turner’s Department Store,” founded by James Luther “J.L.” Turner, and his son, Cal Turner. In 1955, the Turners transitioned the department store into Dollar General.

Dollar General now operates in 47 states, with a store within five miles of 75 percent of the United States population.

That statistic of Dollar General being within five miles of 75% of the population is absolutely wild!  If you ever want to check out where it all began, you can still go to the Scottsville, Kentucky Dollar General, and even more wild, it's two stories!

You can check out a video tour of the first-ever Dollar General below.

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