If I asked you to describe the official city flag for Evansville, could you do it? Could you tell me if Evansville even has an official flag? The answer to both of those questions is probably NO, at least that's what my answer would be. The folks from the Evansville Flag Project want to change that.

The Evansville Flag project was officially launched earlier this year with the goal of letting anyone create and submit a design for what they think Evansville's flag should look like. Everything was running smoothly and the plan was to have the project culminate on August 12th of this year (8/12...get it?). Then that doggone 'Rona decided to throw a big ol' wrench into the machine and brought the project to a screeching hault.

Organizers feel like now is a good time to get the proverbial project ball rolling again, and our friend Joelle Knight joined us on the MY Morning Show to tell us what that really means.

Do I have to draw my own design? What if I can't even draw stick figures? How and where do I submit an idea? When will we finally see the new Evansville flag? Those are all good questions, and Joelle has answers to all of them. Take a listen below.

You can learn more about the project, and get involved if you want, at EvansvilleFlag.com and on the Evansville Flag Project Facebook page.

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