Jenna Marbles , a.k.a. YouTube star Jenna Mourey, has announced her departure from YouTube in a tearful new video.

The 33-year-old vlogger posted a video titled, "A Message," on Thursday (June 25) in which she addressed her past controversies and actions.

"I'm being requested that I address things that I've done in my past," she began, confessing, "I've definitely done things in the past that weren't great."

In 2011, she was accused of doing blackface by using dark spray tan while impersonating Nicki Minaj for a skit. She said that she put the video on private "years ago" after she realized that people were hurt by it. In her message, she apologized for any pain she caused by creating the video.

Mourey also addressed her 2011 video "Bounce That D--k." In the mock music video, she rapped, "Hey ching chong wing wong, shake your king kong ding dong ... Sorry that was racist, I'm bad at rap songs."

"It's awful, it doesn't need to exist, it's inexcusable [and] it's not okay," she apologized on Thursday. "I'm incredibly sorry if this offended then, now, whenever, it doesn't need to exist. It shouldn't have existed. I shouldn't have said that ever. It's not cool, it's not cute, it is not okay and I'm embarrassed that I ever made that, period."

Mourey explained that she doesn't want to upset or offend anyone with her content so she made a handful of older videos private.

The YouTube personality also revealed that she will be "moving on" from her successful YouTube channel that boasts over 20 million subscribers.

"I don’t know if that’s forever, I don’t know how long it’s going to be," she admitted. "I want to make sure the things that I put into the world are not hurting anyone."

Watch the video, below.

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