Now, before you say anything, I realize this news isn't exactly 'new.' The cancelation was announced back in October, so it is very possible that you already knew about it. I, however, just now learned about it, so this news is very new to me - and I bet I'm not the only one who didn't know.

Jason Isbell and his band, The 400 Unit, were scheduled to play the Owensboro Sportscenter on Sunday, December 5th. Well, the show is no longer happening. If you purchased tickets, you should have already received a refund - that should have been done by October 29th. So, I reckon this article is for folks like me, folks who knew about the show and were interested and considered buying tickets. Now we ALL know the show is canceled. But why, what happened? I would love to give you some juicy reason for the cancelation - maybe something related to COVID or masks or vaccinations - but it's really much more boring than that. What it really came down to was a scheduling conflict with some other shows on the tour. Boring, right?

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I know this news is a big-time bummer, but if you still really want to see Jason Isbell in concert, you do have a few more opportunities in near future. If you don't mind driving a wee bit farther than you would have for the Owensboro show, the following shows might be a good alternative for ya.

  • 11/30 at the Stifel Theatre in St. Louis
  • 12/10 at the Andrew J Brady ICON Music Center in Cincinnati
  • 12/11 at the Andrew J Brady ICON Music Center in Cincinnati
  • 1/14 at the Louisville Palace Theatre in Louisville
  • 1/15 at the Louisville Palace Theatre in Louisville

Visit Jason's official website for tickets to these and/or other dates on his tour.

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