Janet Jackson is making headlines again — and for good reason: she's officially going back out on the road on the long-rumored, rescheduled and very much still demanded State Of The World Tour later this year.

The timing is just right, then, for experimental electronic music collective PC Music to take a stab at giving the forever underrated pop queen a very forward-thinking makeover.

EASYFUN — the PC Music producer who most recently had a hand in co-producing Charli XCX's "3 AM (Pull Up)" with and "Emotional" on the Number 1 Angel mixtape — took Janet's Unbreakable single "No Sleeep" and gave it a sparkling, slapping re-rub, making the icon sound a bit like Kyoko, the robot featured in the intro of Discipline. ("Kyoko, it's me...")

Best moment? When the music quiets around the 3-minute mark — until exploding in one hype finale. And voila: the otherwise laidback jam is now perfect for a Friday night pregame. (That cover art illustration of a futuristic Control-era Janet by Joseph Melhuish is also beyond.)

Prepare for a PC Music onslaught: the Janet remix is part of the label's "Month of Mayhem," during which they'll be dropping something new every day in May.

EASYFUN and PC Music record label head A. G. Cook also engaged in a mini-chat about the remix, Miss Janet and the legendary Jam & Lewis, which they posted in full on the Soundcloud.

Listen to the remix of Janet's "No Sleeep" above, and check out that interview below.

Cook: I don't think either of us have a strict 'process' when it comes to working on music, but do you remember any key decisions that influenced the direction of this remix?

EASYFUN: Only that I thought it would be fun to try and make a drop that doesn't start on the downbeat.


Cook: Is Stravinsky the best composer of all time?

EASYFUN: That's a leading question. Yes Alex, I like his music but sadly he didn't write any pop and that's my favourite kind of music. I'm sure if he had it would have been great.


Cook: How do you feel about Spotify?

EASYFUN: Love it. Particularly New Music Friday, helps me stay on top of things and hear tomorrow's hits before anyone else.


Cook : What's ur fave Janet song and why?

EASYFUN: 'Love Will Never Do (Without You)' from Rhythm Nation. I really like how the final chorus loops weirdly. 


Cook: What's ur fave Jam & Lewis production and why?

EASYFUN: I think it has to be 'If It Isn't Love' by New Edition. My gateway one!

Janet Jackson's Style Evolution:

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