The last time we had a "cicada event" in Kentucky--for lack of a better term--I hardly saw any of them. But in 2024, I may finally get my shot because not one, but two cicada broods are making their way toward the Commonwealth.

The "double brood" will feature 13- and 17-year cicadas, and won't that be a party. For a certain OTHER species of insect, it will be a feast. Yes, there's one all-natural way to rid your space of cicadas, but it might not be to your liking. Well, that is unless you WANT to lure cicada killer wasps to your yard this summer.

Yeah, I didn't think so.

You'd think with that name, cicada killer wasps would be our friends, but based on the number of ways people have suggested we get rid of them, they're not even frenemies. Hey, I don't want these things around either:

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That reminds me of those wildlife videos you see where a leopard leaps up into a tree with a gazelle in its mouth. I guess cicada killers are the insect world version? They can certainly maneuver well with a big old cicada (for them) in their mouths.

So I guess we look at this way...the unwelcome cicada broods are even MORE unwelcome because they will attract their bothersome predators. Here's what to look for:

But there are ways to keep the cicada killers at bay. Of course, there are pesticides, but you can also run your sprinkler often enough to discourage the little nuisances from finding your yard so attractive. Pouring boiling water down those dirt holes where they've made a nest should also do the trick. Using a tennis racket also works.

40-love. Cicada killer loses.

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