Trying to make it in the entertainment industry sometimes means taking on interesting jobs that help you get by until that big break. That's what happened with Evansville, IN native and Nashville, TN resident Kevin James Thornton a few years back.

Thornton, he's a stand-up comedian who has gained an impressive social media following by uploading short videos reflecting on his life, tells the story of one of his first gigs when he moved to Nashville that just so happened to involve a certain current mega superstar. Check out this hilarious video of him reliving the moment.

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So, Thornton comes to Nashville, gets a craft services gig--or as he tells it, he was basically the "Snack Guy," for music videos, and he finds himself holding a nasty plate of tuna sandwiches on a hot Nashville August day. Not only that, but it's a music video shoot taking place with tall weeds. So, he's itchy, he's hot, he's holding a plate of tuna sandwiches, and he keeps getting into the background of the video! But the kicker here, as Kevin finishes up the story, is that this just so happened to the very first music video for Taylor Swift! But the good times didn't just stop there for Kevin. No, no, because when he gets home, he realizes that he's got a bunch of ticks in his underwear!

Kevin made sure to clarify that Taylor Swift did not eat the tuna sandwiches in a follow-up video.

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Kudos to Kevin for sticking through what seems like a tough gig, because now he's got a great story to share. You can check out Kevin's content on his Facebook.


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