We all like to believe we are the best drivers on the road, but in Illinois it's pretty clear we are some of the worst drivers on planet Earth.

I've seen way too many car accidents over the past year just driving around Rockford.  From State Street, to Charles Street, and even downtown's one-way streets, it is inevitable to escape horrible drivers in this town.

According to a recent study, there are four major reasons Illinois has some of the worst drivers in the country.  It might be obvious, but here's the list.

#1: Our road rage is ridiculous

#2: Illinois has a high rate of distracted driving

#3: Illinois has a high % of drunk driving

#4: Illinois has a large population of inexperienced drivers.

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I was driving down East State Street, headed East toward Popeyes and Chuck E. Cheese, when suddenly a white SUV pulled out of the Golden Bowl Asian Restaurant parking lot on the South side of the street.

The driver was trying to cross three lanes of traffic to head West on State Street and abruptly stopped in front of me, causing me to lay on my horn and hit my breaks.

Here's the video, excuse the language!

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Luckily, I have good brakes and stopped in time along with the car to my right.  I understand the white SUV was waiting for the car headed West to pass, but maybe don't pull out until both directions are 100% clear.  Just a thought!

Invest in a Dash Cam if you can.  It's possibly the best purchase I've made all year.

This encounter just solidified my reasons why Rockford is the #1 city in Illinois with the worst drivers.  Do you agree?

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