This spooky little town has a wild history, and celebrates every October in a big way!

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Metamora, Indiana

Indiana is home to a town that claims to be the "friendliest haunted town around" and one look at their haunted historical tours, and I can definitely see why they got that name! Every year Metamora plays host to many people who come to hear all about the town's history as well as try to catch a glimpse of past residents who just may still be lingering around.

There are plenty of paranormal stories from around the area, and many local legends as well. But that's not all, Metamora also has a pretty wild history.  According to Haunted and Historic Tours of Metamora tragedies of all kinds have taken place in the small town. From tragic canal drownings, deaths by poisoning, terrible railway accidents, "rageful" crimes of passion, and much more.

Metamora has so many interesting, colorful true stories that are shared on our tours. The lives of the town's past residents are full of honor, love, passion, lies, intrigue, tragic death, suicide & even murder...

Photo by Rythik on Unsplash
Photo by Rythik on Unsplash

Haunted Village and Tours Throughout October

If you want to get a glimpse of Metamora, Indiana during the spookiest time of year, October is certainly the time to go.  Every weekend in October, Metamora is filled with curious fans of the paranormal enjoying haunted history tours of the town.  And starting on October 13th and running each weekend through October 28th Metamora transforms into a haunted village.

A frightful night of ghost and ghouls as you wander around the village of Metamora. You'll start with a hay ride through the village and then be escorted throughout town. Beware, the hauntings can creep out from anywhere. Cost $5.00 per person. From 7:30 - 10 p.m.

If you want to check out Metamora, Indiana this spooky little town isn't too far from the Tri-State! It's about a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Evansville, located about an hour northwest of Cincinnati.  You can learn more about Metamora and the haunted happenings in the town, through the Haunted Historic Metamore Tours website.

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