The holiday season is always a good time to take a moment to be thankful for the things we have. In this case, the ability to put food on the table and feed our families. It's also a good time to remember not everyone in our community has that ability, and that the right thing for those of us who can is to do our part to lend them a helping hand.

Food Insecurity in Indiana

The rising cost of everything, particularly groceries due to the current inflation issue has left many families here in the Tri-State dealing with food insecurity, some of which may have never dealt with it before. According to Feeding America, 730,480 Hoosiers are facing hunger, 204,290 of them are children. That breaks down to one in every nine adults and one in every eight kids.

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In southern Indiana, Feeding America says Vanderburgh County has a 12.1% food insecurity rate which is equal to 21,790 residents. In Warrick County, 7.5%, or 4,770 are dealing with it. 8.8% or 2,220 residents in Posey County are struggling, and in Gibson County, the number is 3,400, or 10.3%. That's 32,180 people in total, which in my opinion is 32,180 too many. You can see the stats for your county on the Feeding America website.

Ruler Foods Holiday Food Drive

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If you're fortunate to be someone who isn't dealing with food insecurity, we have a way you can help those who are. We've teamed up with our friends at Ruler Foods for their Holiday Food Drive.

The drive is underway now until December 23rd (2023). To make a donation, stop by any southern Indiana location of Ruler Foods, pick up a few extra non-perishable food items, and drop them in the donation box. At the conclusion of the food drive, all donations will be given to the Tri-State Food Bank which will make sure they get to families struggling to put food on the table during the holiday season and beyond.

Click here to find the Ruler Foods location nearest you.

[Sources: Feeding America]

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