Illinois like every other state has its share of problems. But, it also happens to be the home for one of America's top 25 richest cities for 2024 and it's a great beach town, too.

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I've seen some recent richest this and richest that lists shared recently, but this is the most recent one available (that I can find). It's from the website Veranda which lists what they call the 25 richest cities in the US for 2024. On that list, you'll find a place in Illinois that isn't Chicago (but it's close).

Vittoria Logli Top Realtor Glenview, IL via YouTube
Vittoria Logli Top Realtor Glenview, IL via YouTube

It's one of the few places in Illinois that you'll hear locals refer to as a "beach town". The beaches border Lake Michigan and really are epic. This is why you'll see the wealthy in Illinois call Wilmette home. 

The median home value in Wilmette, Illinois is $795,360. Among the top 25 richest cities in America, that's actually the lowest. Imagine that. The Veranda ranking says that the "median household income is $173,967".

For what it's worth (money pun not intended), the top 3 richest cities are in California, Texas and Virginia. Sorry, Missouri, none of your cities made this list. Enjoy your Super Bowl trophy though.

If you'd like to see how the rich and sometimes famous live, check out the full top 25 richest cities in America list.

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