Never underestimate the strength of a motivated Missouri highway patrolman. Doubt me? There's new dashcam video that shows Superman a Show Me State trooper defying known human strength by deadlifting a massive hay bale off of a highway.

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Good catch to Fox 2 out of St. Louis who just shared this amazing video showing a Missouri State Trooper going above and beyond the call of duty.

OK, so he pushed it more than lifting it. Everyone's a critic. Just try pushing or lifting a bale this heavy and see how well you do.

Why is this so impressive? I spent plenty of time on my grandma's Missouri farm that had many a hay bale and I can attest to how heavy a bale this big is. Hayforks says a typical large bale can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. This Missouri trooper lifted it like it was nothing. OK, so he did struggle a little bit at first, but still?

Next time you're thinking of breaking the law in Missouri, keep this trooper in mind. You never know when the Man of Steel might be hiding behind a Missouri badge.

Well done, officer. Your name isn't Clark Kent by chance, is it?

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