It's summertime, and let's be honest it is HOT outside! When the weather is this temperature all I want to do is eat cold foods and fruit.  One of my favorite summertime snacks is watermelon, and I always like to keep some cut-up in my fridge.  Plus it's full of water, and plenty of good vitamins like Vitamins A, and C so it's a delicious and nutritious snack.

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At Townsquare Media, we have a great partnership with Cecil Farms in Owensboro, and they bring fresh produce to our office for us to enjoy. My favorite time of year though is when they bring their mini watermelons! Even though they're called "mini" they're still pretty big! But they're my personal favorite because they are so sweet, and always picked at the perfect time of ripeness.  While these are my personal favorite watermelons, I've never met a watermelon I didn't like.

My only issue with watermelons is that they are so big, they are hard to figure out how to cut. In the past I've got to be honest I was at one point in time a pre-sliced fruit buyer.  I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but when it comes to watermelon I always thought they were too hard to cut so I'd just suck it up and pay a premium price for the pre-sliced kind.  Well after learning this watermelon cutting hack, I am a pre-cut watermelon buyer no more!

Now this cutting hack isn't the prettiest, but it's perfect for serving up fresh watermelon at get-togethers, or perfect for cutting up to stick in the fridge to enjoy later.  This time of year I love keeping watermelon stocked in my fridge.

I've Found the Easiest Way to Cut a Watermelon

Watermelons are delicious, but cutting them can be a chore. I've found the easiest way to cut a watermelon, and I promise you can do it too!


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