Let’s celebrate today with a vanilla milkshake and call it a national day!  Did you know that  a milkshake back in the late 1800’s was nothing like today’s confection?   



Milkshakes used to be a mixture of eggs, cream, and whiskey and sometimes served with other alcoholic tonics such as lemonades and soda waters.

By 1900, flavored syrups were being added to milk like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  By the early 1900’s, a scoop of ice cream was introduced into cups of milk.  And, then by the 1930’s, you could find milkshakes in malt shops almost everywhere across the USA.

Whether it’s homemade or purchased, treat yourself to a creamy, delicious cold vanilla milkshake today!

Source:  NationalDayCalendar.com  #VanillaMilkshakeDay

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