The fourth Thursday in February is when we traditionally honor one of America's all-time favorite dishes - Chili!  

There are so many variations of the way chili is made.  Traditionally, it's made with meat, tomatoes, beans, onions, garlic, chili peppers, and cumin.

My husband and I enjoy a good bowl chili, but he makes it a little sweeter than I do.  I make mine a little more on the traditional side with fresh garlic, sauteed onions, some hot sauce, and just a little bit of chili seasoning. If I have some red, orange, or green peppers in the frig, I'll add some diced up peppers to it.  He likes to make it without onions and he enjoys adding salsa with corn in it.

Homemade beef chili; credit by Deb Turner
Homemade beef chili; credit by Deb Turner

So, what's a good secret ingredient for your homemade chili?  Or, do you have a favorite restaurant here in the Tri-State that serves up the best chili?  Share your comments with us on our Facebook page or call us 812-421-1117.  #NationalChiliDay

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