So, way back in the day, basically another lifetime, I was the Pink Power Ranger! These pics are from when I was around 19 or 20. My friends and I made appearances at local Walmarts and children's birthday parties.

Travis Sams, from our sister station, 99.5 WKDQ was actually at the Meet & Greet at the old Boonville Walmart:

Liberty Power Rangers

I had to practice the poses, and martial arts moves.

Liberty Pink Ranger

I actually found the movie costumes at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Liberty Pink Ranger Costume

And, my costume career didn't end there, I was also Cat Woman. We made appearances at movie premiers.

Liberty Cat Woman
Liberty and Bill
Liberty Batman Returns

And, I still love dressing up, any chance that I get!

Liberty Super Girl Older

Matching Halloween costumes, check!

Liberty Spiderman
Liberty Rey

I even made it my job, to hang out with costumed characters. For the record, I still hang out with characters, they just aren't in costumes LOL!

Liberty Sky Zone Characters