One of the first things I think of when preparing to talk to Clay Prindle about whatever's happening at the Children's Museum of Evansville (he's their Marketing & Communications Manager) is "don't call him Clay Pringle," which is easier than done sometimes. Just one little letter that separates those two words - and it doesn't help that there was a time when Clay rocked a really sweet 'stache which kinda, sorta resembled the Pringles logo. It was that resemblance that inspired our first question for Clay when he joined us for a round of This or That.

The question (delivered with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek) was meant to be a silly play on the whole Prindle/Pringle thing - Liberty and I never expected the answer the Clay gave us. Is he, in fact, somehow related to Mr. Pringle? I'll say this, it is NOT impossible. Listen to his an answer and draw your own conclusions.

We also talked to Clay about Marvel vs. DC (comic books and movies), what he likes to do on date night, and his favorite area at the Children's Museum. Clay is such a cool guy with a great personality, and we had an absolute blast talking to him. This is one episode of This or That that you do NOT want to miss.

This or That with Clay Prindle


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