Summer is over, the calendar has officially turned to fall, and everyone is turning their attention to the first official fall "holiday," Halloween. If it hasn't happened already, chances are you'll start seeing witches, skeletons, Frankensteins, ghosts, and all other types of decorations popping up in your neighbor's yards. There's a family in my neighborhood whose front yard has been completely covered with their annual Halloween decorations for over a week now. There are tombstones, cobwebs, and a small, working lit-up Ferris Wheel where every seat is occupied by a creepy doll. Some people even spread their love of the spooky season to their cars, maybe you're one of them. But by transforming your car into a ghoul-mobile, are you running the risk of getting in trouble with Indiana law enforcement?

What Indiana Law Says About Decorating Your Car for Halloween

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The short answer is, no. There is no law in Indiana that specifically says Halloween decorations, or any other holiday decorations for that matter, are illegal to have on your vehicle. However, that doesn't mean you can go crazy and do whatever you want.

What Indiana law does prohibit is any modification to your car that could make driving it a safety hazard for you or other drivers. For example, windows can only be tinted so much and you can't have any "stickers, signs, posters, sunscreens, or other nontransparent material" that would make seeing the road and your surroundings difficult.

How to Safely Decorate Your Car for Halloween

Basically, as long as you're not putting things on the windows or windshield, you can go crazy with your decorations (again, as long as what you do doesn't make driving the vehicle hazardous for you or other drivers). Amazon and other retailers offer tons of Halloween decorations for your car like these skeleton magnets:

Or this plush jack-o-lantern with bat wing flags you can roll up into your windows.

And, if you need some idea starters for decorating your car for the season, a quick Google search will give you a long list of decorating guides like this one from WikiHow, or this one from the Donslife YouTube Channel.

Have fun and happy haunting.

[Source: Indiana General Assembly]

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