July 1st was a big day for Hoosiers - that's when 100 new laws went into effect in Indiana. A couple of notable laws have to do with cell phones in the classroom, and the return of happy hour to Indiana bars. One new law that may have flown under your radar is SB 17 which requires age verification for material harmful to minors. More specifically...

Requires an adult-oriented website operator that displays material harmful to minors to use a reasonable age verification method to prevent a minor from accessing an adult-oriented website.

This would mean websites need more than the standard "Yes, I'm 18 Years Old, Let Me In" button that we've all seen and clicked. This new law would require users to upload documentation to prove one's age. As you can imagine, the law has caused a bit of controversy.

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One of the world's most popular adult websites - considered to be a "Hub" for that kind of content - warned visitors about the upcoming change and even threatened to sue Indiana and pull its services from the Hoosier state. Before that could happen, though, an Indiana judge blocked the law from going into effect by issuing a preliminary injunction.

Here's Where the Story Gets Kinda "Corny"

One of my co-workers heard about all the "Hub" bub and was trying to find more information. She found a clip on TikTok that tried to explain the situation, but the video referenced the content as "corn" and the site as "CornHub." My friend, unaware that you can't say certain words, like "porn" on TikTok, thought that the clip was really talking about corn.

She went online to try and find "CornHub" (for research purposes of course), and quickly realized that there really is such a thing. The clearly satirical and completely safe website claims to be the world's leading free corn site, inviting visitors to choose from tons of videos that stream quickly and in high quality. No age requirements, and no need to upload any documents - just a handful of silly corn videos that anyone can see. The site is really well done, quite clever, and is an obvious homage to the internet's other, much naughtier, Hub.

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