It takes a lot to become a doctor - a lot of time, studying, and money. Doctors are among the most educated professionals in America - they are among the highest paid too. Some states are better than others at providing financial opportunities and good working conditions for doctors. So, which states are the best?

The Best & Worst State for Doctors in 2024

The personal finance website, WalletHub, ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on data collected in 19 key metrics, including Opportunity & Competition, and Medical Environment. Why does this information matter? WalletHub explains...

Living in one of the best states for doctors can make a big difference for your medical career. In addition to making more money, you will also be able to work in higher-quality hospital environments, be less likely to burn out, and pay less for malpractice insurance. For everyone else, living in one of the best states for doctors can lead to quality healthcare.

Indiana is One of the Best States in America for Doctors

Here is some exciting news for Hoosiers, or more specifically Hoosier doctors - according to this report, Indiana is ranked as the 5th best state for doctors. Here are some of the rankings/results that landed Indiana in the top 5...

  • Ranked 4th when it comes to Opportunity & Competition
  • Ranked 13th when it comes to Medical Environment
  • Indiana has the 5th highest average annual wage for physicians (Kentucky has the highest, by the way)
  • Indiana has the 5th least punitive state medical boards

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No matter your medical specialty, doing your research on the best state for doctors can be a smart move. For aspiring physicians, or established ones looking for a change of scenery, this information can be a valuable tool for planning your future. But of course, it's about more than just the numbers. Factors like lifestyle, cost of living, and proximity to family must be considered too when making your final decision.

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You can take a deep dive into the numbers of the full report here, and you can scroll over the map below to see how the rest of the states were ranked.

Source: WalletHub

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