Well, this is not a list that you want to see Indiana on, but at least the Hoosier state isn't number one.

The site MoveBudda recently released information that is quite disturbing. Indiana landed at number ten on the list of America’s Roach and Rat Hotspots. This information is gathered by renters and how many complaints are made to landlords.

PHOTO: Canva exterminate
PHOTO: Canva exterminate

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We all love visiting Florida and Tennessee right? Well, those are number four and number two on the list of most infested states. Yuck. I can tell you personally that Florida is a breeding ground for bugs in general. It's almost impossible to keep them out of your house or apartment. I'm guessing that Florida is not number one because renters just give up complaining.

This is what a spokesperson from MoveBudda had to say about the findings:

“Renting is stressful enough due to a lack of stability compared to owning a home and the constant risk of eviction. However, one stressor that many tenants don’t consider is the risk of a pest infestation - which is higher in some states than others. As a renter, it’s important to discover how landlords are rated in your area to protect yourself against unsafe living conditions and avoid any legal compliance issues that may leave you liable for damage to the property. If you’ve struggled with pests in the last year, moving to an area with more proactive landlords can improve your renting experience tenfold.”

Rats are Real in Evansville

I would like to think that when a list like this one has Indiana in the top ten it's because of the big cities like Gary or Indianapolis. Sadly, we were made aware of an issue with rats after an infant nearly died from over fifty bites.

Authorities have confirmed a six-month-old child who suffered a “near fatal event” from multiple rat bites has now been released from the hospital. Authorities say the child suffered over 50 bites to his forehead, cheek and nose and he sustained traumatic injuries on his right hand and forearm.

Story from WEHT News 25

If you have questions about your rights as a tenant in Indiana you'll find more information at Hud.Gov/Indiana.

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